Animation Machine is characterized by providing quality services. After a 17- year-experience in the audiovisual market, we have the expertise and support to give your project the best results.

VFXs Supervision On Set



Visual effects begin when planning a shot. That is why I think it’s essential to create the visual effect along with the director, planning what and how you are shooting. Pre-planning will improve both conditions of the filming schedule as well as the postproduction.

CGI Production



The complexity and technology that we use to create entire pieces generated by computer, compares only to the passion that we feel in carrying them out. That is why, both our experience and excellent technical equipment, add to the idea that we have what is essential to create whatever needed.

VFXs & Postproduction





The magic of making the impossible possible, the unreal real by unfolding the paths of the imagination.

Fluid & Dynamic Simulation


The images generated from water, fire, dust, hurricanes, explosions and others require the perfect combination between art and technology.

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