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Martian And Pulpet

Short Film & TV Series

“Martian and Pulpet” is the reinvented story of humankind seen through Alien eyes. Based on the idea of how, a great amount of accidental discoveries created some of the highlights of human evolution, “Martian and Pulpet” shows us a new seemingly accidental, playful and creative way to re invent the history of objects and human laws of good behavior.

The Short Film

The TV Series proyect in production

“It's the beginning of the XXI Century and the people of the world decide that it's about time they connect with extraterrestrial intelligence by sending yet another capsule to space. This time the decision is not to send sophisticated mathematical equations but by letting the Internet generation decide what everyday objects they would use to explain the beauty and simplicity of Humankind. That’s how, hundred of years later, we end up making contact with alien intelligence in an unexpected way.

How it happened
“Why on earth would you send an orange squeezer to make contact for the first time?”

The capsule ended up crashing in hazy weird planet called Ununoctium which was showered with silly human objects. But not only did we send orange squeezers, staplers and typewriters to connect with the Alien Nation, apparently, we also sent gourmet food.Reports say that what was supposed to be an exotic dish sent by the European Union to represent the very flavor of the continent becomes alive. The canned Galician Style Octopus ingredients, thanks to the fascinating alien atmosphere of this little planet, becomes a super intelligent flying octopus (Pulpet) that partners up with they only living organism there: a very curious charming alien (Martian), who was stranded in this planet years ago.

The TV Show

The TV Show in each episode, Martian & Pulpet will make good use of curiosity and intelligence to recreate, invent and have fun with different human objects. Serendipity,random exploration and accidental discoveries will be the topics of this fun journey, as Martian &Pulpet try out different and fun answers as they reembark in the adventure ofreinventing the history of Planet earth through alien eyes.

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